AuthorŐs Notes


While much of the emphasis on your writing in this class will, out of necessity, put emphasis on the finished product, it is also important to keep you aware of the process you undergo when you write. To this end, for every major paper you submit you will be required to attach "Author's Notes" in which you discuss with your reader your paper.

Author"s Notes provide your reader with an introduction to your text, describe the composition process, and establish the groundwork for response from your reader.

These notes will keep readers aware of the writer's needs and intent in any paper and help them give a response that is directed to the writer's needs and concerns.

In Author's Notes the student should point out specific uses of rhetorical strategies and devises used to improve the impact of the writing. Among the things the writer can do in Author's Notes are:

  • Discussion of the process of the composing of a paper and/or of the revision process
  • Summarization of the intent of the paper and/or the author's acknowledgement of his understanding of the assignment
  • Clarification of what the author intended to do in the assignment or explanation of the approach he took
  • Acknowledgements of any assistance that the author received in writing the paper, including the use of outside sources or advise from any readers with whom drafts were shared
  • Sharing of any rhetorical devices used by the author

In general, Author's Notes will generally be clear and direct. They should contain evidence that the writer is using and incorporating various literary devises and strategies in his writing. They should be part of a discussion of how the student approached the writing of the paper and help the reader can give useful feedback. They will be evaluated as part of the paper,