Argumentative Essay Activity
AP Language and Composition


e have been reading and discussing essays that use a variety of strategies to persuade the reader. We have also looked at various rhetorical devices that, used well, enhance the written word.

It is now time for an application. Because the essay to persuade is one of the potential types of prompts in the AP Language and Composition exam, we need to start practicing our own essays.

To that end, research and write an argumentative essay that utilizes some of the rhetorical techniques we have identified in the writings and the characteristics we have identified as effective for strong persuasion. The topic should be a controversial local, state, national or global issue.

Your essay should be typed, on time and shared in class. You will be able to have peers edit your rough draft on Thursday, and the sharing of the final draft will be on Friday.


Minimum Quality Standards

·       The essay convinces the reader of the author’s authority on the subject.

·       The essay shows that the author knows and relates to the audience.

·       The essay has appropriate rhetorical devices.

·       The author gives clear examples

·       The author has the tone fit to capitalize on the situation.

·       The author backs up his argument with facts, quotes and/or historical examples.

·       The author knows and refutes the opposite point of view.

·       The author exhibits a mastery of the conventions of written English.

·       The author demonstrates proper titling, paraphrasing and quotation techniques.

In addition to the paper, please include author’s notes html | pdf pointing out the strategies and devices you used to persuade the reader.