Practice Test                                                            Loose, Choose, Affect


Loose lose

1.     Everyone snickered as Bruce walked by, for (loose lose) dog hair clung to the back of his black pants.

2.     Michael purchased a two-liter bottle of soda and a one-pound bag of chocolate-covered peanuts so that he would not (loose lose) momentum finishing his critical analysis of Melville’s Moby-Dick.

3.     A (loose lose) board on the back staircase squeals like a dying mouse whenever someone climbs to the second floor.

4.     If you have a fascination with ancient Egypt, don't take a class with Dr. McConnell, whose boring lectures make anyone quickly (loose lose) interest.

5.     Franklin fought to keep his eyes open, but the (loose lose) structure of the plot and poor characterization of the main characters made him fall asleep in the middle of the play.

6.     Peggy smelled the faint odor of last summer's barbecue as she lifted the (loose lose) cover draping the gas grill.

7.     Aida hates to (loose lose) her place in a book, so she not only turns down the corner of a page but also adds "Start here" in pen, even to library books!

8.     As Jane leaned over the potato salad, her (loose lose) hair fell over her shoulders and dragged through the mayonnaise.

9.     So that Mrs. Hoff doesn't (loose lose) a single minute of class time, she watches the second hand sweep across the twelve, indicating the hour has started, and then launches into her lecture.

10. (loose lose) the dogs from their leashes, Rachel watched as her whippets streaked in circles in the dog park field.

11. Pulling a cantaloupe from the bottom of the pyramidal display will cause the rest of the melons to crash to the floor, rolling (loose lose) without organization imposed by the produce managers.


1.     The  volcanic eruption (affected  effected) the entire country.

2.     Your answer will not (affect  effect) your grade on the test.

3.     Your answer will have no (affect  effect) on your grade on the test.

4.     What he said to her (affected effected) her deeply.

5.     The patient asked how the medication would (affect  effect) her energy level.

6.     The speaker said that her organization wanted to (affect  effect) a major change in the party's platform.

7.     Joe talked with Janis, but his words has almost no (affect  effect) on his friend's actions.

8.     One (affect  effect) of the new lenses is my ability to read more easily.

9.     The addition of sodium (affects  effects) the chemical stability of the solution.

10. The (affects  effects) of the storm will not be clear for years.

11. I didn't like the acting in the film but the special (affects  effects) were great.

12. The cooperative provides marijuana to patients whose doctors say they need it to ease the pain and physical (affects  effects) of cancer, AIDS and other diseases.

13. Many Special English Science Reports discuss medical studies that test the (affects  effects) of a new drug.

14. Alzheimer's commonly (affects  effects) people over sixty-five years old.


Choose chose

before a child knows to (choose chose) good, he must be taught.

because Nephites (choose chose) works of darkness, they will perish.

choose judges by voice of people.

1.     If voice of people (choose chose) iniquity, judgments will come.

2.     Those foreordained were left to (choose chose) good or evil.

3.     They who chose evil were more numerous than they who (choose chose) good.

4.     How long will ye (choose chose) darkness rather than light.

5.     Christ (choose chose) twelve to minister unto Nephites.

6.     Let every man (choose chose) for himself.

7.     Adam may (choose chose) for himself.

8.     Men are commanded to (choose chose) Father.