Documentation of Learning Portfolio (DLP)

The intent of the Documentation of Learning Portfolio is two-fold. One is to hold the student responsible for completion of work during the period covered by the portfolio and allow the student credit for his work ethic. The second intent is to allow students an opportunity to reflect on and develop thoughts, connections or observations about the content of the class.

The Portfolio has three distinct parts. One is the DLP cover. The cover should be downloaded from the class webpage, correctly filled out, and serve as the cover page. Next in the portfolio is an original essay which contains the student's reflections on the content of the class. This should be at least a page long and reflect polished writing and thinking. The third part contains all of the homework assigned since the last portfolio. The parts should be in the order described on the cover, with the original essay before the assignments. The booklet shouldbe stapled in the upper left hand corner. (You might want to wait until class to use my heavy-duty stapler.)

Please embrace this opportunity to come to closure on the assigned content.