Pithy Quote Alternative Writings

In order to keep the reflection on writings fresh and in order to allow for different learning styles and individual schedules, the following may be substituted for the pithy quote when assigned.

  • A general reaction to the writing that states both the author's meaning and the student's specific response. This option should include clear references to the reading and not just the student's view of it.
  • A series of annotated quotations from the reading. Each quote should have an annotation and each annotation should be a specific evaluation or reaction to the quotation.
  • An essay that connects the reading to previous class readings and/or discussions about those readings. The connections should be clear and specific.
  • A graphic representation of a key passage or concept from the writing. The representation should be accompanied by a written explanation for sharing.
  • A letter, memoir, or diary entry in which a character in the writing responds to the action contained into the assigned selection.

It is important that students use their choice to help them reflect on the reading and have something to share with the class.