News Story Activity Form                                    Name                                                 



Story Headline:



Date of Story:

(PaperŐs Date)



1.     Who: Who is involved in the stories. How do they spell their names. What is their official title? What information will you use as quotes from them? Who is the main source of information?





2.     What: What is the story about? What will students, parents, and or teachers be interested in?





3.     Where: Where does the story take place? What is important about the place of the story?





4.     When: When did, or when will the story take place? Will the story be in on time for the next publication of the school paper?





5.     How: How did this story come about? What things had to happen for the story to happen? Who was involved in this process?






6.     (Why): Why is this story important? Why did it happen?





Story Summary: On the back of this paper, write a summary of this story, piecing together the above information.