Kevin Wray

Store Inventory








                        The Conval Corner Store has bulked up its inventory for this year. With merchandise donated by Sulley's Soccer, the general population of Conval seems to be excited to shop at the store.  If you take a walk around the store, you will notice that it's better than ever this year.

                        The store will now carry a nice selection of movies of all genres to please the common customer. DVD's are currently priced at $9.95, a very provocative price tag. The movies must be rated PG-13 or lower due to the fact that rated R movies would not be appropriate for some underclassmen.

                        Moxie has been one of the most coveted soft drinks on the past fifty years. Multiple students have requested Moxie be sold at the store. And now, after a long wait, their wish is finally coming true.  "Moxie has a select audience," Mrs. Nancy Gadwah, the teacher aide in the story, said. Moxie is finally coming to the store. "I can't wait for that Moxie," Junior Thom Fox said. "I drink Moxie, so the ladies will call me Foxy."

                        The store is also selling more school supplies and food items.  Not being able to sell gum could be an issue, but replacing that will hopefully be the sales of the Sulley Soccer merchandise, such as jerseys, hats and wristbands.

                        Items are subject to change if they don't generate profit. The student suggestion box is an important tool to the store.  It allows students to request items that are currently not being sold there.  The requests are looked at and then taken into consideration if they thing they can make money off it.

                        The store will now be open for 15 minutes after the final bell starting on September 15.