Class: Philosophy                                                                  Date Due:


Academic Challenge: Communicating a Belief



The Question:   How can a belief be communicated clearly and effectively?


The Challenge:    You have read the works of Plato, Aristotle, Rand, Seneca and Montaigne, all of whom used concrete examples and analogies to support and clarify their beliefs. In Plato, you have seen the use of two allegories to enhance the meaning of important Platonic views. It is now time to write philosophically about your own views.


Your paper should contain an introduction to your belief, reasoning which documents the validity of the belief (logic, quotes from great thinkers, personal experiences, concrete analogies) and an original allegory which clarifies a main point of your reasoning or the belief itself, and a conclusion which explains how this self-knowledge will effect your actions in the future.


Use Ayn Rand's astronaut as your guide; where are you? (What do you believe to be true?), How do you know? (What is your reasoning?), and what will you do now? (What actions will you take in the future based upon this belief?)


This assignment is meant to be difficult and it is only the start of your journey to self-knowledge. Other assignments will be similar in structure, if not in content. At the end of this quest, you will have a map of your learning about philosophy, about others and about yourself.


Please have the paper ready to share in class on the due date.




Minimum Product Standards:


       The paper is word-processed.

       The paper contains an introduction, a personal belief, reasoning, and personal experiences that document, clarify and support the belief.

       The paper contains an original allegory that helps explain or support the belief.

       The paper contains a conclusion that suggests future action.

       The paper is on time.

       The paper is shared in class.

       The paper conforms to standard usage of the English language.